guide to weight loss

Weight loss guide – 9 causes that cause overweight

Obesity is still one of the biggest problems in our society. Despite countless statements about the effect of food on the organism, despite obesity despite increasing fitness fans, despite Weight Watchers and other diets, our world is constantly increasing.

The will itself is not lacking. Many people have already completed one or more diets, but unfortunately were unable to sustainably maintain the desired weight.

guide to weight loss

The dreaded JoJo effect is often beaten again. Below we will focus on the main causes that may be responsible for the overweight. If you know how your overweight has developed, you can quickly find and apply the right antidote.

9 causes that cause overweight

The following article covers nine different causes of how a health-threatening overweight can even occur. Why would that help? It is like a disease. Once the cause is known, it can be treated effectively.

Cause 1: not enough exercise

Effective strength training is far from the wonder weapon to lose weight sustainably. A lot of movement is the magic word. Man is by nature a person who has to move a lot. Already during childhood, activity and physical activity are promoted with outdoor games. Even at school a lot of student activity is still required.

Only in professional life does lifestyle and activity often change, with the result that it was mostly during the day instead of being run. But since eating habits do not change, imminent obesity is inevitable. Moreover, because the metabolism decreases with age, the level of exercise remains very low. Many new mothers also confirm that they have become much more inactive after birth.

Moreover, the extra hunger comes from strength training that requires a lot of energy. Although more muscle mass can burn body fat, it must also be reactivated at the same time. The key is a combination of exercise and healthy eating that provides all essential nutrients.

Cause 2: Quality poor food

Your body needs certain nutrients to work perfectly. If these nutrients are withdrawn by force from you, the feeling of hunger is promoted because the body lacks the necessary energy. Especially industrially produced food contains many artificial ingredients that the body does not want. That is why he sends out signals in the form of hunger, which should show that not enough energy is available, but that certain nutrients are missing. Healthy foods with all essential nutrients also saturate better because they do not contain too many carbohydrates, so that glucose levels drop quickly and insulin production is promoted.

Cause 3: Too many meals

When we are at parties or in restaurants, the combination of food and alcohol often results in uncontrolled eating habits, which can lead to significant obesity in the long run. This behavior is also used on vacation or on the popular travels when the lush buffets seduce you. It is then eaten until it bursts. Often tourists also eat up to five times a day out of boredom. Uncontrolled overeating with too many meals is one of the main causes of unwanted obesity.

If you eat about 300 calories more every day than you actually need as energy, you will quickly have 2,100 calories per week on the ribs. At 52 weeks that makes around 109,000 calories, which corresponds to about 30 kilograms of overweight. Although this example seems excessive, it makes clear what effect too much food can have. But it also shows that you can always control your weight when you realize what you are doing every day. Often something is eaten without being really hungry. Especially the popular hamburgers ensure that you eat something uncontrolled, because you don’t fill junk food.

Cause 4: Stress and depression

Stress and depression also cause overweight in today’s society. Stress creates hormones that cause hunger. Moreover, a low metabolism caused by depression can lead to obesity. Because we cannot avoid stress today, we must learn to deal with stress. We must therefore ensure that we do not solve food problems, otherwise unwanted obesity will be preprogrammed quickly.

Cause 5: liquid calories

Dangerous are the calories in sweet drinks and fruit juices, which are often underestimated and ignored. Fruit juices often contain a lot of sugar in the form of fructose. Moreover, these drinks are even made high in calories and tasty by adding more sugars, which is not particularly healthy for children. These sugars do not quench your thirst, but increase your need to drink. They are also unhealthy for the teeth. Therefore pay close attention to the ingredients of fruit juices and drink more mineral water that is sold without calories instead of high-calorie sugar juices.

Cause 6: Too many carbohydrates

Too much body fat and the resulting obesity is the result of too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates and the glucose they contain raise blood sugar levels, which in turn are lowered by the hormone insulin produced in the pancreas. Glucose is converted into glycogen, which is stored in the liver and muscle tissue. If there is too much glucose in the body and the glycogen stores are full, the body stores the excess glucose in the fat cells. There it is then stored as a reserve for lean times. So we can see that excess body fat development is caused by too many carbohydrates, which cannot be stored in the entire glycogen stock. You should therefore always pay attention to the quality and intake of your carbohydrates,

Cause 7: No nutrition plan

Weekly diet planning can be an important argument against obesity. We can learn this planned daily routine from the well-known fitness and bodybuilding stars who prepare their food the day before and are therefore not exposed to unwanted challenges. If you know exactly that you should eat your chicken with rice after today’s training, don’t even think about fries with mayo.

Cause 8: medicines and medicines

A study by the University of Glasgow has shown to more than 25,000 subjects that certain drugs for the treatment of diseases can be an important trigger for a sustainable overweight. It was interesting to note that the mentally ill gained almost 11 kilograms of body weight in one year by taking neuroleptics such as olanzapine or clozapine. This study also showed that diabetics increased nearly seven kilograms of insulin in one year. The intake of antidepressants led to four kilos of overweight. Cortisone, beta-blockers and olanzapines were by far the drugs that could cause the subjects to be overweight.

Cause 9: hormones

A disruption of our hormone balance can lead to considerable overweight. The onset of menopause leads to overweight in more than 90% of women. In general it can be said that in the 35 to 55 years many people become overweight. This can also be due to the decrease in testosterone levels, which is important for many growth functions in the body. Because the constant change in hormone balance has natural causes, one must try to defy the threat of being overweight with a healthy lifestyle and a lot of exercise.

Simple rules for successful weight management

From the previous causes, we can draw important insights that can help us to prevent or even eliminate the threat of being overweight. Below we have prepared nine precepts for you that can be used as an effective medicine for obesity.

Rule 1 – Keep moving every day and train cardio or strength training.
Rule 2 – Eat more consciously! You don’t have to be perfect, but small changes in your food and food choices can be very successful.
Rule 3 – Control your eating habits, especially if you are on social occasions or on vacation.
Rule 4 – Do not try to suppress your stress with unnecessary meals.
Rule 5 – Avoid fruit juices or sweet drinks that contain hidden calories.
Rule 6 – Do not eat too many carbohydrates and avoid foods rich in white sugar or white flour.
Rule 7- Plan your meals in advance, prepare them today and save them for tomorrow. You must know exactly what you want to eat today and tomorrow.
Rule 8 – Consult your doctor about the side effects of your prescribed medication.
Rule 9 – Pay attention to your lifestyle, respect yourself and your body and only give it the best, because he deserves it.

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There are certainly countless methods against obesity and body fat. But if you know the causes of your overweight, you can very quickly prevent a looming overweight without starting a nonsensical diet.