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Free weight loss without diet and pills

Losing weight can be done in countless ways. For example, some people choose to follow a crash diet or take pills. Others are going to exercise extremely fanatically. Often these methods do not deliver the desired result. The less invasive things you can do to lose weight quickly usually work much better. This way you can lose weight quickly by making several small or rather a few large adjustments to your eating pattern.

You can read how these changes look on this page. You can also read here why low- carb food works so well if you want to lose weight quickly.

Lose weight fast? Delete bread, pasta and rice

Scraping carbohydrates as much as possible is the most effective tip to lose weight quickly. This means that in principle it is best to leave all bread, pasta, rice, cake, candy and breakfast cereals.

What should you eat instead of, for example, bread or pasta? Some suggestions:

Fast breakfast

  • Eggs; for example 2 boiled eggs, a scrambled egg or an omelet.
  • Low-fat yogurt with nuts and a little red fruit (no cruesli!)
  • Cottage cheese smoothie. Mix quark, banana and a little water in the blender. Also replace banana with other fruit.

Good lunch for quick fat loss

  • A well-filled farmer’s omelette (with mushrooms, tomato and onion for example), possibly with half an avocado for extra filling.
  • A large meal salad with many different vegetables and fish, chicken, nuts and / or seeds.
  • Stir fry vegetables (from the freezer or fresh) with some meat or fish.
  • Vegetables with guacamole and / or hummus. For example carrot or cucumber.

Healthy dinner

  • Provide a good basis for meat or fish. In principle you can eat all types of meat and fish, but the following products are preferred:
    Fish ; fatty fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel.
    Meat ; preferably lean beef (but in moderation) or poultry such as chicken or turkey (always good).
  • Replace your pasta or rice for more vegetables and a little more meat. Adding some nuts can also help you lose weight quickly.
  • You can also replace rice or pasta with a legume of your choice. The Indian and Mexican cuisine contain many good dishes. For example, look here for inspiration.

This way of ‘dieting’ works best if you choose a few meals and prepare them again and again. It may be boring, but if you keep the result in mind, then it must be doable. See also the page about protein-rich foods for more recipes and ideas.

Why delete bread, pasta and rice if you want to lose weight quickly?

Free weight loss tip

Bread, pasta and rice are sources of fast carbohydrates. Fast carbohydrates have the annoying property of being absorbed into your blood quickly and leading to large fluctuations in your blood sugar level. These fluctuations in your blood ocher level ensure that you become and remain hungry even after meals. In addition, eating fast carbohydrates leads to the release of hormones that stimulate the storage of fat. Exactly what you don’t want if you want to lose weight.

The aforementioned alternatives to bread, pasta and rice contain many slow carbohydrates that are less likely to be absorbed into the blood than fast carbohydrates. This keeps the blood sugar level more stable and you will suffer less from feeling hungry. More importantly, though, the alternatives are all rich in protein and / or dietary fiber. Both of these nutrients have been scientifically proven several times that they suppress appetite and have a very satiating effect. Proteins also keep blood sugar levels stable. These properties are beneficial if you want to lose weight. With a protein-rich and fiber-rich diet you eat less, you are less hungry and you stimulate your fat metabolism.

An example: Imagine replacing your pasta with extra vegetables and a little more meat. You replace the fast carbohydrates from the pasta with slow carbohydrates from the vegetables. In addition, you get more protein through the meat and up to 2x as much dietary fiber. Your blood sugar remains stable due to the slow carbohydrates, which contributes to a saturated feeling. In addition, the greater amount of protein and dietary fiber ensure that you stay saturated for longer. So you get hungry much less quickly after meals!

Note: If you now eat a lot of carbohydrates (snacks and pasta, rice, wraps etc.) then you will probably become very lifeless if you switch directly to the above diet! You would therefore be well advised to initially start changing, for example, only breakfast.

Other tips to lose weight quickly

  • No more sweet and salty snacks and snacks.
    Throw away or give away what you have in your house and do not get anything in the supermarket (with children often impossible, you will have to be strong). Opt for healthy and lean snacks. Be careful with fruit, preferably eat no more than 1 or 2 pieces per day because of the many sugars in fruit.
  • Eat slowly.
    Not for the TV / PC but preferably at the table. The feeling of hunger only disappears 20 minutes after the start of the meal, the less you eat in the first 20 minutes the better.
  • No more soft drinks.
    Drink a lot of water and green tea on the other hand. Occasionally fresh fruit juices and black tea are also a good alternative. Fruit juice from a pack is often very sweet and high in calories and is therefore best removed completely. Light soda is also not a smart choice.
  • Sports, sports, sports or …. moving in a different way.
    Although it is not necessary to exercise to lose weight, losing weight is often faster if you exercise more.
  • Limit your calorie intake, eat less.
    Pay attention if you do this in an unwise way you can kill your metabolism. The moment you start eating normally again, you will arrive quickly and extra in such a case. If you decide to eat less, do it smart.